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Visual dictionary created by the 3rd grade
Third Grade Dictionary Study
frail = weak
fatal = something that ends in death
brilliant = bright or sparkling
enable = make something work or go
decay = something that is rotten
Revive = bring back to life
Pastime = hobby or relaxing activity
Mystify = to puzzle or confuse someone
absorb = soak up liquid
ambition =really wanting to meet a goal
ancient = very old
Plunge = sudden or deep dive
gradual = slow progress
fortunate = lucky
passage = path or hallway
Loyal = sticking by a friend
Climate = the weather of a place
Nectar -- sweet liquid in a flower
Triumph = victory or win in a contest
clever = smart
woe = great sadness or self-pity
plunge = sudden jump or dive
ordeal = difficult and stressful situation
enable = to start something working
disable = to stop something from working
gasp = sudden intake of breath
origin = the beginning of something