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Dorset News Show - Episode 2 - January 2017
TDS Pride Class Banner Project
3rd Grade Wax Museum
8th Grade Trip to D.C.
Northshire Bookstores Bookmark Design Contest Results
Field Day Grades 4-7 Morning Games
Field Day Grades 4-7 Afternoon Relays and Fire Trucks
Hildene Lincoln Essay Competition
Spring Concert at the Southern Vermont Arts Center - K-4
Spring Concert at the Southern Vermont Arts Center - 5-8
5th Grade in Boston
TDS Student Achievement at Opus 32
Fun Time at Otter Creek
Vermont Martial Arts Academy at TDS
America's Top Youth Volunteer Award
Dorset Is Cooking
Student/ Author Event at The Dorset Library
Dorset School Display at SVAC
PE Dance Performances
Mrs. Love's class visits Merck Forest
TDS Pride - Popsicle Party
Thank You to our Volunteers!
Mile Run in PE
The Taconic Chamber Quartet at TDS
Student Participants in the Green Mountain Music District V Festival
TDS PRIDE~ Mentor/ Mentee
Thanksgiving Feast - Happy Thanksgiving from The Dorset School!
Halloween Parade at The Dorset School
Spirit Week
TDS Pride Schoolwide Celebration
Winter Concert at The Dorset Playhouse - 5-8
Winter Concert at The Dorset Playhouse - K-4
5th Grade to Merck Forest
8th Grade Visits BBA
Geo Bee Championship!
Prudential Spirit of Community Award
TDS Math Counts Competition
School-wide Assembly - Volleyball & Flying Rambucks!
TDS Pride Day - Schoolwide Celebration